Other Signs

I undertake lots of gold leaf jobs, it can be applied in reverse on glass thus producing a mirror finish, or surface gilding, producing a much higher lustre gold effect than paint. It can almost be used on any surface like paint, is hard wearing and keeps its shine for a very long time. The moving reflections that are made in the mirror finish of a glass gilded sign, make it a great option for cafe and restaurant windows, grabbing the attention of passers by, as they walk the streets looking for location to eat. Gold looks great on dark colours, like a black or grey building, or a dark wood sign or honours board.

Hanpainted and gilded house sign Weymouth
Handpainted house signs

House signs are fun, as there’s such variety in the subject and a wide array of surfaces and materials to use. Varnished wood always makes a good house sign, or it could be painted any colour, include a pictorial, or could be painted straight onto the house masonry or door. Slate can be used, or even an object of interest to the home owner, like a boat fender or garden statue.

I’ve been asked to paint a variety of things, like miniature trains, safes and pizza ovens. There are also a lot more common jobs that a signwriter might undertake like club honours boards, chalkboard menus or house signs.

Totally Trimmed handpainted trailer

Honours boards can be built from scratch, or I can add updates to an existing board. I have a few regular customers for honours boards, with board entries that go back over 100 years. The aim with adding updates is to match the previous signwriters style as close as possible, this and the very small lettering makes it a challenge, though I do enjoy it. I know a joiner that I ask to make the boards, he can make them with a variety of woods and frame styles.