Shopfront signwriting and decorating

Shopfront signwriting probably makes up most of my workload, it typically involves fascia signs, swing signs and brackets, or painting and decorating the building itself. For the fascia signs I will often signwrite straight onto a pre-prepared surface, sometimes I will paint and prepare the surface first myself, or sometimes I’ll need to make and fit a fascia panel, or refurbish the existing one.

Shop front signwriting Southampton - Beatnik Emporium

Swing signs can be made in a variety of sizes and styles, the usual would be rectangle with a nice frame but I can cut shaped signs to match any design, these really stand out amongst the usual rectangles and squares seen in most high streets. The iron brackets are usually sourced online or custom made from a local iron monger, depending on the style needed.

I can also decorate shop fronts, which usually includes filling and repair, then painting. This would be done in colours to match or complement the signs and there’s lots of options for a bit more flair, like painting flowers, lettering or lining around the windows and doors.