Walls & Murals

The great thing about paint is it can be applied to almost any surface. A lot of my work is painting rough surfaces that vinyl or a digital print wouldn’t stick to, like brick or concrete. Whether it’s a rough brick wall in an old pub or the full side of a rendered building, it can be signwritten with useful information or made into an advert.

Large handpainted mural in Baffi Pizza Southampton
Magners sign hand painted on a rough brick wall

Old pubs have a lot of different surfaces throughout, like wooden doors, brick walls and overhead beams that can all be painted with price lists, directional signs or breweriana style images for a better customer experience.

Exterior walls can be put to good use with an advert or decorative pictorial, they can make a building stand out and have massive impact in terms of advertising. If they contain references to local history, or something equally engaging, they will become an interesting thing to photograph for the public, and the impact and reach will extend much further.

Large handpainted mural in Yorkshire